SATO Wataru Laboratory

Development of the RIKEN database for dynamic facial expressions with multiple angles

(Namba, Sato, Namba, Nomiya, Shimokawa, & Osumi: Sci Rep)

The development of facial expressions with sensing information is progressing in multidisciplinary fields, such as psychology, affective computing, and cognitive science.
Previous facial datasets have not simultaneously dealt with multiple theoretical views of emotion, individualized context, or multi-angle/depth information.

We developed a new facial database (RIKEN facial expression database) that includes multiple theoretical views of emotions and expressers' individualized events with multi-angle and depth information.
The RIKEN facial expression database contains recordings of 48 Japanese participants captured using ten Kinect cameras at 25 events.

This study identified several valence-related facial patterns and found them consistent with previous research investigating the coherence between facial movements and internal states.

This database represents an advancement in developing a new sensing system, conducting psychological experiments, and understanding the complexity of emotional events.

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