SATO Wataru Laboratory

Positive emotion amplification by representing excitement scene with TV chat agents

(Nishimura, Kimata, Sato, Kanbara, Fujimoto, Kato, & Hagita: Sensors)

This paper proposes emotion amplification for TV chat agents allowing users to get more excited in TV sports programs, and a model that estimates the excitement level of TV programs based on the number of social comment posts.
The proposed model extracts the exciting intervals from social comments to the program scenes.
By synchronizing recorded video streams and the intervals, the agents may timely talk with the user dynamically changing the frequency and volume of upbeat utterances, increasing the excitement of the user.

To test these agents, participants watched TV contents under three conditions: without an agent, with four agents that utter with a flat voice, and with four agents with emotion amplification.

Results from 24 young-adult Japanese showed that their arousal of participantsf subjective and physiological emotional responses have boosted because of the agents, enhancing their motivation to interact with the agent in future.

With empirical evidence, this paper supports these expectations and demonstrates that these agents can amplify the positive emotions of TV watchers, enhancing their motivation to interact with the agent in future.

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