SATO Wataru Laboratory

Enhanced experience of emotional arousal in response to dynamic facial expressions

(Sato, W. & Yoshikawa, S.: Journal of Nonverbal Behavior)

In this study, we investigated the emotional effect of dynamic presentation of facial expressions.

Dynamic and static facial expressions of negative and positive emotions were presented using computer-morphing (Experiment 1) and videos of natural changes (Experiment 2), as well as other dynamic and static mosaic images. Participants rated the valence and arousal of their emotional response to the stimuli.

The participants consistently reported higher arousal responses to dynamic than to static presentation of facial expressions and mosaic images for both valences. Dynamic presentation had no effect on the valence ratings.

These results suggest that dynamic presentation of emotional facial expressions enhances the overall emotional experience without a corresponding qualitative change in the experience, although this effect is not specific to facial images.

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