SATO Wataru Laboratory

Scientists' personality, values, and well-being

(Sato: Springerplus)

Scientists play an important role in modern society.
However, only a small number of their psychological characteristics, such as personality traits, have been investigated; hence, further investigation is required.

In this study, scientists (n = 24) and non-scientist controls (n = 26) were assessed with respect to their five-factor personality traits, 10 basic values, and subjective well-being (subjective happiness and sense of purpose in life).
Compared with the non-scientist control group and with normative data of laypeople, the scientists consistently exhibited greater openness (i.e., traits related to curiosity and intelligence), self-direction (i.e., values related to the pursuit of curiosity, creativity, and autonomous action), happiness, and sense of purpose in life.

These data indicate that scientists possess personality traits and values suitable for a career in science, from which they also derive subjective well-being.

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