SATO Wataru Laboratory

Exploration of emotion dynamics sensing using trapezius EMG and fingertip temperature

(Sato & Kochiyama: Sensors)

Exploration of the physiological signals associated with subjective emotional dynamics has practical significance.
Previous studies have reported that the dynamics of subjective emotional valence and arousal can be assessed using facial electromyography (EMG) and electrodermal activity (EDA), respectively.
However, it remains unknown whether other methods can assess emotion dynamics.

To investigate this, EMG of the trapezius muscle and fingertip temperature were tested.
These measures, as well as facial EMG of the corrugator supercilii and zygomatic major muscles, EDA (skin conductance level) of the palm, and continuous ratings of subjective emotional valence and arousal, were recorded while participants (n = 30) viewed emotional film clips.
Intra-individual subjective-physiological associations were assessed using correlation analysis and linear and polynomial regression models.

Valence ratings were linearly associated with corrugator and zygomatic EMG.
However, trapezius EMG was not related, linearly or curvilinearly.
Arousal ratings were linearly associated with EDA and fingertip temperature but were not linearly or curvilinearly related with trapezius EMG.

These data suggest that fingertip temperature can be used to assess the dynamics of subjective emotional arousal.

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